Behind Boutique Doors

Behind Boutique Doors

Welcome to the official blog of Snazzies boutique in Hot Springs, Arkansas!  We have been praying about starting this for quite awhile! We will be doing our best to post every Monday evening!  For our first post, we would like to share a little more about our shop!

Snazzies was born in 2005 thanks to the incredibly stylish Amy Sanders. While being a mother, wife, and very active member of her church, Amy realized her passion for fashion. Everywhere she went, people would compliment her style. Her knack for fashion have served her well over the years, for the adorable, locally owned store has thrived. Snazzies also has another secret to success that many other clothing stores around the world lack. What is that secret you ask? Faith. From bible verses written around the store to funny religious shirts, Amy and her staff have put their faith in God over the years. God has very clearly been faithful in providing, considering that the women’s boutique has been styling ladies for fourteen years! You can expect fashion advice, merchandise, and a little bit of Jesus on our blog! We cannot wait to share our small town store with you!

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