A Summer Statement

A Summer Statement

Alrighty ladies, let’s talk summer 2019 fashion! Bold prints are super in style right now, especially animal print! What’s our favorite you ask? Well that would have to be a tie between snake print and cheetah print! Between kimonos, dresses, and rompers, we are so obsessed! We love to pair the kimonos with either a basic cami and cute statement necklace or a sassy graphic t-shirt. Dresses? Cinch your waist with a cute belt or grab a brightly colored clutch and head out the door! If you aren’t big into accessories but still want to make a statement, take a walk on the bold side with a pair of colorful heels. This is the summer to make a statement, so come see us and let us style you! Thanks for reading our blog, let us know what you think. 

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